About me

Robotics engineer and entrepreneur.
Built in Poland 🇵🇱
Shaped in London, UK 🇬🇧

I love setting up companies, building new, cutting-edge projects from 0 to 1, advising founders, investing in startups and helping them grow. Most importantly, creating new solutions that help people and help everyone win!

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Timeline 🚀

2021 - present: Superjoi - A Creative Hub for Artists and Influencers

Today, as CEO and Director of Superjoi, I'm developing an inclusive space for artists, content creators, musicians, influencers and brand. Creativity and monetisation find common ground here.

2019 - 2020: Revamping the UK Real Estate Market

Flatsrater was more than a platform; it was an innovation that revolutionised rental property evaluation in the UK. My role was integral in shaping this disruptive technology.

2016 - 2021: Fostering UK Energy Market Competition: Gentrack

As an Engineering Manager at Gentrack, I enabled new energy companies to enter the UK market, fostering a more competitive energy sector. Strategic leadership was key in this pivotal role.

2017 - 2019: Space Exploration: Building Next-Gen Rocket Systems

Echoing the advances of SpaceX, I co-engineered rocket systems with hybrid and liquid-powered engines. Designing ground stations for engine tests and remote fuelling helped in the advancements of aerospace engineering.

2016: Ace Robotics and the Falcon Drone Project

I developed the Falcon Drone project to tackle the persistent issue of bird damage to crops. This innovative drone, designed to mimic a predatory bird, has become a game-changer in preserving farmers' yields.

2013 - 2016: Manufacturing & Supply Chain Innovation at Woodward Inc.

With a focus on reducing electronic components' obsolescence, I contributed to Woodward Inc's distributed system that saved company sales and delivery. This project was a leap forward in manufacturing technology.

2013: Revolutionising 3D Printing Technology

In the era of 3D printers, I took a front seat in innovation. My work in developing a 3D Laser scanner led to creating bespoke athletic footwear, a milestone in sports technology.

Pushing Boundaries: A Relentless Pursuit of Innovation

With a solid foundation in engineering and an unwavering passion for technology and business, my journey has been about breaking new ground, inspiring future innovators, and leveraging cutting-edge solutions to real-world challenges 🚀