My Journey with Superjoi

My Journey with Superjoi

Today, I hold the role of a co-founder and a Tech CEO at Superjoi and run it together with my co-founder Sören Creutzburg (our product visionary). I'm thrilled to share with you the journey of transforming a simple idea into a comprehensive platform that empowers content creators globally – Superjoi, the ultimate creator hub.

The Genesis of Superjoi: Spotting the Need

Like many successful ventures, Superjoi began with a single idea – to create a comprehensive space for creators, an all-in-one creator hub. I've always been inspired by independent creators, their passion, dedication, and resilience. However, we identified a gap in the market - many lacked the support and resources to flourish, usually in a form of community or money. We envisioned an ecosystem that would empower them, allowing them to monetise their passion and create a tighter bond with their fans.

Building the Superjoi Platform: Laying the Foundation

We assembled a great team that works in 3 different time zones and shares our vision. Together, we began developing the Superjoi platform. We aimed to create a comprehensive creator hub, offering more than just monetisation tools. Our platform includes community features and a variety of resources for creators' growth. But before I describe the latest features, we need to go back to the mid 2022.

Superjoi 1.0: The OG Fan-Project Powerhouse

Straight from the jump, Superjoi was designed as this cool fan-centric powerhouse that bridged creators and their superfans in the most extraordinary way. We gave superfans the ability to put their money where their heart is - backing their favourite creators, fuelling their upcoming projects, and even getting a piece of the YouTube video profit pie in the future. It was a groundbreaking model, empowering creators with the funds they needed, and superfans got to be a real part of the creator's journey. But like any tech startup worth its salt, we knew this was just the first iteration.

Superjoi - project financing for content creators

Prepping Creators for the Recession Wave

By October 2022 my intuition was tingling. I saw the stormy economic clouds brewing on the horizon and knew we had to make a change - and fast. As a company who wanted be ahead of the curve, we needed to cut spending as I saw the recession indicators on the raise in early 2022. Superjoi couldn't just be a platform for creators to raise funds when inflation kicks in and milk will cost £5 🥲; we needed to become their survival toolkit in a post-recession world. So, we shifted gears, swapping our crowdfunding hat for resilience-building armour. We improved the platform to enable creators, musicians, artists - the entire creator universe - to generate multiple streams of income, making them bulletproof against any economic downturn. This quick-step transformation moved us into the ultimate creator hub, becoming the resilience sanctuary for creators in an unpredictable economy. And just like that, Superjoi 1.5 was born 🎉

Superjoi Creator Hub: Your Network, Your Growth

We're not just riding the wave, we're crafting the tide. Our hub started to take shape and it was all about harnessing the power of community within a creator's profile.

Finding your tribe with Superjoi creator search function became super easy. We started igniting new collaborations, and levelling-up creators' content game. Plus, fans can also get the backstage pass to creators' journey, transforming them from casual followers into superfans, and superfans into active stakeholders.

Superjoi Challenges: Where Talent Meets Opportunity

We understood the transformative power of collaborations, and integrated opportunities for creators to connect with brands. These brand collaborations have not only enhanced Superjoi's offerings but also facilitated exciting opportunities for creators.

That's when we introduced a new feature, Challenges, providing creators with a platform to showcase their talent and compete for brand collaborations. It’s an innovative feature that has significantly boosted engagement within our community.

Now content creators can earn money for their work and brands (and other creators) benefit from an engagement boost on platforms like TikTok in a seamless and organic way.

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Memberships: Support Your Favourite Creators

Our latest addition, the Memberships, offer fans a chance to support their favourite creators with one-click subscriptions and become a part of their journey in a closed circle of members. This feature has substantially boosted creators’ earnings and fostered stronger connections between creators and their followers.

I know that everything in the future will be subscription-based so we needed to take this step now. It boosts both creator growth and Superjoi's MRR, win-win ✨

Building Strategic Partnerships: Expanding the Superjoi Universe

Superjoi is continuously forging alliances that bring value to our creators. Our partnership with AIM and Holywell Collective, for instance, has opened new avenues for independent musicians in the UK.

This in an angle that I truly believe in, as there is a new wave of non-Merlin artists coming to play in a post-pandemic world.

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