AGH Space Systems: Rocket Engineering and Team Success 🚀

AGH Space Systems: Rocket Engineering and Team Success 🚀

If you like space projects and rocket engineering, this section is for you. We always see top guys from NASA, SpaceX, Virgin Galactic or Blue Origin doing some great improvements and innovation in the space industry. In this case, a bit more about my journey as a Rocket Engineer and how we changed the dynamics of Spaceport America in 2018 by hitting 2nd place in this prestigious competition.

If you want to read some more technical info about AGH Space Systems and the project we put together, check out the link below.

Crafting Innovations in Aerospace Engineering

From building intricate microelectronic systems to engineering rockets capable of touching the edge of the atmosphere, my tenure with AGH Space Systems was a testament to collaborative success and technological innovation. Creating innovative systems in the space-tech is not easy, but with a solid team, everything is possible.

Spaceport America 2018 - Report

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Constructing Advanced Rockets

Our primary objective was the construction of two space rockets, each powered by distinct types of engines. The first rocket "Panda3" was equipped with a hybrid-powered engine. The objective for Panda3 was to reach an altitude of 10,000 feet (approx. 3km) and safely land using a two-stage recovery system. The rocket was designed to carry a 4kg payload to its peak altitude, operated remotely by on-board electronics which also handled data collection and analysis using a barometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope, among other tools.

The real breakthrough came with the development of our second rocket, powered by a liquid engine. This piece of advanced engineering not only competed with other rockets but was designed to reach astounding heights of 30,000 feet. The "Turbulence" rocket was born in October 2017 as a single-stage structure equipped with a more powerful drive unit, with an ambitious goal: to execute a successful flight reaching a ceiling close to 9 km.

Rocket assembly - Spaceport America Cup 2018 (feat. Przemyslaw Drozdz and Piotr Wolanski)

Integrating Microelectronic Systems

The success of a rocket launch isn't solely dependent on the power of the engine. The rockets were built contained meticulously designed microelectronic systems, complete with dedicated antennas and recovery systems. These systems were the result of tireless efforts by our talented team members, embodying the collaborative spirit of our team.

"Turbulence" rocket and the team (Tomasz Palacz, Piotr Wolanski, Michal Juszczyk, Mateusz Rajzer, Przemyslaw Drozdz, Tomasz Tatara)

Pioneering Ground Station Systems

Alongside rocket construction, another achievement was the development of a new generation Ground Station system. Working as a duo, we created dedicated software that provided real-time telemetry, offered essential data for rocket set-up on the launch pad, facilitated remote fuelling, and initiated the launching sequence. We further refined this system to perform static fire tests for various rocket engines, showcasing our commitment to innovation and safety.

Static fire test - hybrid-powered engine

Reaping the Fruits of Hard Work

Our efforts culminated in significant recognition at the Spaceport America Cup in 2018. We secured the 2nd place for our liquid-powered rocket and the unique system we developed in just a few months. This accomplishment serves as a testament to our hard work, innovation, and team spirit.

Throughout my time at AGH Space Systems, I had the privilege of being part of a team that pushed the boundaries of what's possible in rocket engineering. It was a journey of collaborative success, technical innovation, and personal growth that I'll always treasure.

"Panda 3" hybrid-powered rocket (feat. Dagmara Stasiowska, Piotr Wolanski and Agata Zwolak)
2nd place award - Spaceport America 2018
M.Eng, Piotr Wolanski with the 2nd place award at Spaceport America 2018
"Turbulence" Rocket